Pujols and the Red Birds come to town (8-17-09)

With Chad Billingsley’s start pushed back a day, and our starting
rotation already missing a fifth starter … guess who got to go up
against a former Cy Young award winner, Chris Carpenter? Charlie
Haeger. Who? Exactly. This was going to be his second Major League
start.What did we know about young 25 year old Charlie Haeger before
this game? Not much. (No one even corrected me that I did the math wrong on his age. I knew we were year apart… but I went the wrong way). He’s a knuckleballer. One of the very few left.

Before the game, we were sitting in Cat’s seat while she was gone so no one would take her spot. Kids are always crowding her seat during batting practice. She was getting food and Nina was sitting in her seat. I noticed this little critter coming down the aisle under the seats. Ick!
2009-08-17 001.JPG
There was an open spot between two guys along the wall since Nina wasn’t standing up. This kid came down my aisle and then came towards Nina. Nina stood up to let him walk by, but he stepped in front of her instead into the open spot along the wall. As Cat was coming back, we told the kid to skedaddle.

2009-08-17 Charlie Haeger
Charlie Haeger, talking to a fan he had seen in Arizona as well. No, it wasn’t Roberto (who was in Arizona on Sunday and San Francisco on Tuesday. Both of them were Wolfie starts).
2009-08-17 Brad Ausmus
Brad Ausmus had seen the same guy too apparently. Note the extra big glove.
“It’s as if a catcher’s mitt and a first baseman’s mitt had a baby,” Ausmus explained. “It’s a little bit a thinner.”

Just as the National Anthem was being sung, we found JoAnna. Then we made our way to our seats. We sat with JoAnna for awhile. A very long while. And it helped that the first six innings of the game when by very quickly. After all, Charlie was pitching very quickly. I think they said he threw like two fast balls and everything else was a knuckleball.
2009-08-17 Pujols homer
Don’t shoot me… but I got a picture of Albert Pujols’ home run off Haeger. Game tied, 1 – 1.

The Dodgers took the lead, 2 -1. Then Rick Ankiel hit a two-run homer to give the Cards the lead. We missed it because we were going up to our seats. I wanted to say hi to Chelsea and Chris. We got up there, and Chris looked at his watch. Kinda late? LOL, well, we were sitting with our other friends for the first six/seven innings. Then we decided to sit with our other friends for the last two. I showed them the picture of Pujols and stuff. Chris had said at the last game that he would like to see a Pujols homerun. I did too. I’m just glad it was a game-typing homer and not the game winning one. Made it easier to take.

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