No Dodger got hit today … but I sure did!

After two Dodgers getting plunked yesterday, none got hit today. However… I did!

I’m sitting at Cat‘s seat, watching Russell warm up Never saw it coming till it bounced off the padding of the wall and hit me in the mouth.It bounced to my right and someone else got it. I got up, bleeding, asking the girls next to me to watch my purse. I climbed over my chair, and go up the aisle to get napkins.Ernie, my usher, was already heading down to check on me, but he got interrupted by people looking for their seats.Edgar, the new security guard partnered with Ernie, asked me if I needed an ice pack.. I got a handful of napkins, went back down to my seat, and the security guy came back with two people from the first aid station. We had to wait for the National Anthem to be finished before they could take my information down. By the way, best rendition of the National Anthem I’ve heard all year! Back to the incident … turns out… the guy on the tractor threw the ball over his back and that’s how it hit me! They asked me if I needed anything. I said just the ice pack. My lip was throbbing.

At the bottom of the first inning, I got up to get some more ice. The ice pack wasn’t working. And the part that needed it … well, I couldn’t exactly shove the ice pack inside my mouth. And it wasn’t a small ice pack either! I went up and Ernie asked me how I was. A couple sitting on the aisle stopped me and asked me how I was. They saw me get hit too. Oh, and the girls who got the ball? They weren’t even the ones who were supposed to sit next to me. All those people standing to my right were just standing there. So, had they not been there, I probably could’ve gotten the ball after all. Wonder if there was any blood on it. (Warning – this may not be something you want to know). After all, there was little specks of blood on my hand … Anyway, I went to the concession and of course there were lines. There was one guy who I thought I could get a cup of ice from. One of the Dodger employees saw me and asked me if I had a question. I said I just wanted a cup of ice. He asked me what I needed a cup of ice for. I said, “well, I did get hit with a baseball…” He immediately got someone’s attention and got me a cup of ice! I met Phil and Jaime (hope I got their names right and spelled right. If you guys are on here later and I’m wrong, tell me and I’ll fix it!) who were the rightful owners of seat five and six. Jaime got up later to get food and stuff, and I asked him if he wouldn’t mind getting me another cup of ice. This was about halfway through the game and my cup was already depleted and empty. Throughout, every time a ball came flying over me, I ducked. Just so happened that in the ninth inning, Manny threw a ball out to the guy to my right … and he dropped it! Everyone around us was standing up … except for me who was ducking. I already got hit once. Didn’t want it to happen again.

Thanks Cat for the ice cream! It really did help. The little bump behind my lip where it was raw got smaller after I finished my ice cream. I probably should’ve kept ice on it throughout the whole game. It returned after an inning or two. And the ice cream helped appease my hunger. I was hungry, but didn’t want to eat the sandwich my wonderful cousin Jenny made for me. The thought of rubbing food against the raw wound … ouch! The ice cream hit the spot!



    Hi, it’s Phil! Finally made it to your post. Funny story about the ball, Manny threw it directly at Jaime! I ordinarily would have been all over it and yanked it from right in front of his face, but Jaime’s hadn’t been to a game in years so I figured he’d want it. Manny throws the ball, bounces off of Jaime’s hands and on to the field where it ends up in the security guard’s pocket. Now for the part you didn’t see… after the game we wait around FOR-EV-ER and finally the ballboy is nice enough to toss the ball back up and I catch it… right next to this woman who looked VERY disappointed. Turns out this was her first game back from chemo. Needless to say, we didn’t leave with the ball, but we left with an awesome picture and good memories, and hopefully made someone’s day.

    Anyway, love your blog. Hope the lip is doing better!

  2. sunshine43

    Hi Phil. Actually, I was still there when that happened. I was over by the aisle and saw the whole thing. Thanks for the comment and yup, my lip is doing better. The bruise was almost completely gone by Monday. All that’s left of it now is a memory and a compulsion to duck when I see a white blur flying through the air.

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