Another crazy night at the Ravine (8/4/09)

As I had said, I told Cat they were going to win today for her birthday, and they did! And boy did they win! Final score? Seventeen to four. And it was a CRAZY game. Again, since I’m unemployed, I got to the stadium a little after four. While I was waiting for the gate to open, I started working on two Wolf shirts for my friend’s two daughters who are going to the game with me on Thursday. Randy Wolf has become one of their favorites, since he signed a ball for Natalie’s birthday gift (he even personalized it!). Julia (the older of the two) saw my Wolf shirt I made (copied from the original my friend Maria made for me) and said she wanted one. I told her I would make her one. Well, since they’re going to the game with me on Thursday and Wolf is the probable starting pitcher… figured now is the best time to make her that shirt. And I couldn’t make Julia a shirt without making one for Natalie. Then these two guys were walking up. They asked me about the game, where they could buy tickets and stuff. I probably gave the too much information like I usually do. When it was almost time for the gate to open, I started packing my things up. That’s when I realized I couldn’t find my phone. Took me about  five minutes or so to realize, my phone was sitting on my dashboard. Duh!

Gates opened, and I was walking in when I overhead a guy behind me talking. I started talking to him. He didn’t know you could go into the field level for batting practice and then take the elevator up to your level. I told him to stick with me. He later commented on all the people I stopped to say hi and talk to. Oddly enough, the Dodgers weren’t taking batting practice. He said they didn’t take batting practice yesterday either. There were a few Dodgers out warming up and stretching. Cat came down and gave me a copy of the Dodger magazine. I was flipping through it, mainly looking for Erika’s nephew. He’s supposed to be in one of the upcoming Dodger magazines. He was dressed like Manny the first home-game after Manny’s suspension was over. Wouldn’t you know it? I didn’t find him but I did find this ..
August 2009.jpg
ME!!!! I was in shock. Not a flattering picture, but still. I was in the Dodger magazine!!!

After batting practice was over, I headed up to my seat. I purchased this as part of my twelve-game mini-plan. When I got up there, I noticed this cloud layer that I realized … that’s the smoke from the fire that’s off the 134 freeway!
2009-08-04 031.jpg
The game started off well enough. Kuroda struck out the first two batters, and before you knew it, it was the Dodgers turn to bat. The Dodgers came close to batting around the in first inning. By the time the second inning began. Kuroda had a very nice lead to go with.
2009-08-04 230.jpg
Matt Kemp making a beautiful slide to score!
Unfortunately, Kuroda got disctracted when a fan decided to make a dumb move and sprint onto the field. He waved to Manny as he passed him too! The security eventually caught up with him. Great job by security! Especially since I know two of the guys who tackled him. The two who had to run back to their regular spots once the guy was carted off. Game resumed … and the Brewers got on board with three runs! Uh-oh, that means… we’re only up by one run!

That’s okay, because the Dodgers exploded for a couple more runs! Okay, more than a couple since my friends like to correct me when I say “couple” because it was more than “two” runs. It was quite a bit of runs. Manny and Matt both hit homers. Juan Pierre even got in on the action with a walk and HBP.
2009-08-04 487.jpg
Matt celebrating after him home run.
2009-08-04 500.jpg
Juan Pierre sliding in to score.
2009-08-04 526.jpg
In the top of the ninth inning, Guillermo Mota hit Prince Fielder with a pitch. Mota was immediately ejected. That was the fourth hit batter of the night. Ramirez and Pierre were hit; Catalanotto and Fielder were the other two.
2009-08-04 539.jpg
Juan made the last catch of the game. I was talking with the people in front of me when I saw Juan (the security guy) run down the stairs that are next to the Dodgers’ dugout. The other security guards were soon to follow. When I looked around, only two other security guys were actually on the field. If anyone wanted to run on the field, that would’ve been a good time. All the other security officials were too busy trying to stop Prince Fielder from entering the Dodgers’ clubhouse. I knew something was going on. But I didn’t know until I got into the car and turned on Dodger Talk. Thank you Kenny and Josh! What a crazy series! Wonder what tomorrow holds. Probably won’t be seeing as many hit batters, that’s for sure!

Oh, and as I was making my way out, who did I see but Orlando Hudson! I was coming down the escalators from the loge level and he came out of the doorway right next to it (on the field level). Security was with him. I saw the security guy first and then Hudson behind him. I said a quick “Hey Orlando! Missed you in the game tonight!” He just nodded and waved. Looked like he didn’t want to get stopped, so I didn’t try to stop him. Would’ve been nice to get a picture at least. But then again, who knows how his upset stomach was feeling at the time. After all, it was a turbulent last few innings. Maybe he witnessed the Fielder event and who knows what state his stomach would be in. But, it was still cool to have seen Hudson. The couple  I was walking with didn’t recognize him. Not sure if anyone else di
d. Probably. But I didn’t hear anyone else calling out to him.

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