Dodgers vs. Astros 7/16/09

For starters, I will tell you that I did not get my ticket to Thursday’s game to see Manny’s return to Dodger Stadium. I bought it to see the DODGERS return to Dodger Stadium after the All Star Break. And to top things off, Randy WOLF was pitching. I thought about what to do with my Wolf Hat. I figured, leave it. See if he can get the win without me wearing it. If you saw the box score, you saw what happened. Except for the three runs, Randy did okay. Three runs. The Dodgers can score more than three runs, right? Guess not on that night. Since it was a weekday game, I had to get there as soon as I got off work. I spotted Cat right away, and walked down to say hi to her. As I’m walking down, I noticed Juan (the security guy on the field) sees me walking down and smiles up at me. I can’t help but smile back at him.

It seemed like everyone was at the game that night. Roberto came down and said hi. Then I found Erika and went over and said hi to her. Her cousin won four tickets for winning a “Manny Ramirez” look a like contest. Her little cousin had his Manny wig on, and he even had a little beard drawn on. The photographers were loving it! They took his photo and had him fill out a release form. We went down by the dugout and they got in line. I made my way back to Cat. After I left them, Erika and her family got autographs from Loney, Kemp, Blake, and Hudson! Wow. Can’t believe I missed that opportunity. Anyway, the field level was pretty full. I got my food and ate it before going up to my seat. When I got up there, I thought, “I haven’t sat up here in awhile. I forgot how high it was!”

Here’s a picture of Randy taken from the field level.
2009-07-16 040.jpg
Now here’s a picture of Randy taken from the top deck.
2009-07-16 046.jpg
See the difference? Anyway, I got to the top, and there was someone in my seat. Turns out, they were in the wrong section. They had 4, and they were in 2. As the game progressed, the rest of the people in my row showed up. It looked like an office outing. They had two rows of seats and played musical chairs all night. And guess who did a lot of standing up/sitting down to let people pass by? Oh well. At least some of the guys were good looking. That compensated the whole standing up/sitting down. However, there was a lady across the aisle who apparently needs to brush up on her Dodger cheers. Whenever they played the “Here we go Dodgers, here we go” chant, she would yell out “Let’s go Dodgers, here we go!” Someone was a little confused. I was half-tempted to correct her. But just let her keep going. If you saw the box score, you’d know, it was a very quiet game for the Dodgers.

The most exciting thing that happened… a pigeon landed on the field just off of the third baseline. He was probably looking for sun flower seeds. Who knows. I figured, once a foul ball was hit towards it, it would fly away, right? Wrong! The ball came within inches of the pigeon. And it didn’t even move a blink. Seriously! A ball comes within feet of me, I flinch, duck, cover, or run. A ball comes within inches of a pigeon (the ball is probably half it’s size) and it doesn’t move at all. Even the person behind the DodgerVision thought it was funny enough to show on the Dodger vision.
2009-07-16 140.jpg

The guy two guys down from me started talking about the YouTube video where a pitcher obliterates a pigeon. I corrected him and told him it was Randy Johnson who was pitching, and I think it was a dove. I also shared a little bit about other critters at other stadiums. I probably talked too much and gave too much information, but oh well. Towards the end of the game, a mom and her little boy was walking up the stairs. The little boy tripped, so she picked him up. The guy behind me goes, “he’s okay, he’s a little bruin! He’s a little Bruin!” The mom was wearing a USC tank top. She goes, “He’s no Bruin, he’s a Trojan!” The guy behind me says, “He’s a little Bruin! There was no Trojan involved in that one!” Or something like that. We thought it was pretty funny. I just couldn’t believe he actually said it. After the game ended, I took the elevator down to say bye to my friends. Then one of the security guards told me they were hosting Dodger Talk Live in the third baseline box club. He told me to go in. So I did, for a little bit. Talked with Josh for a little bit. I did get on Dodger Talk. I was first! I said, “Good news, Randy Wolf got a decison. Bad news, it wasn’t the one we wanted. And I even left the hat at home just as a friend asked me to.” Maybe I should’ve worn it! The Dodgers have only lost twice when I’ve worn the hat. But Randy’s gotten a No Decision in both losses!
2009-07-16 238.jpg

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