Dodgers at Padres 7/4

Okay, so I missed like a month’s worth of games to post about. So I’ll
backtrack. Starting with my most recent game, against the Padres.
Before anyone says I went because of Manny’s return … you should know
… I’ve been planning/wanting to go to this game since Opening Day. I
saw the Dodgers were going to be in San Diego the weekend of the Fourth
of July and made plans to go that weekend. That was a whole month
before Manny got suspended. The plan at the time was to drive up
Friday, go to that game, stay in a hotel, then go to Saturday’s game.
The plan fell through because the person I was going to go with
couldn’t go. So I scrapped that plan and made a new one. Drive up just
for Saturday’s game. I looked at tickets one night, and found two .
When I looked again the next day, they were already sold! In the end, I
ended up buying two tickets in the same section, in the same row, but
seven seats apart

We (my cousin Jenny and I) left her apartment
around 8:45 on Saturday morning. The freeway was free and clear. We
stopped just past the Citadel for Starbucks (a frappucino for me, lemon
loaf for her) and we didn’t stop again till we hit San Clemente.
Though, just before Anaheim, a pigeon almost hit us! No joke! We were
cruising along in the fast lane, when we see this pigeon swoop down. It
came right in front and had it not changed course, we would have hit
it! Thank goodness it swerved out of our way. We stopped for lunch at
Pedro’s Tacos in San Clemente. All three times now that I have gone
down to Petco Park, I have stopped there for food. The first time, we
stopped on the way home. The second time, we stopped going up. This
time, I was hungry on the way up so we stopped.

2009-07-04 Jenny

we left, Jenny and I discussed that we noticed that most of the people
we saw while we stopped were all Caucasian males with similar haircuts.
And most of them were looking at us like they had never seen two Asian
girls before. Interesting. After that point, Jenny pointed out every
Asian we saw on the road. And they were usually driving mini-vans. We
got to San Diego without any incident. We parked on E and 11th, and
then walked to the park. I texted Stacey who was going to be there with
Kristin and Cari. They got here earlier than we did, and had lunch at
the Omni, where they saw Ned Colleti and his family. Jenny wanted to
get our photo taken, so we looked around for a Dodger fan to take our
photo for us. We ended up taking two, because Jenny wanted Petco to be
in the background.

2009-07-04 Me and Jenny
we went in, got our towels, and looked for Stacey, Kristin, and Cari.
While we were standing above the sand lot/bleachers, one of the Padre
photo people offered to take a picture of us. First he used my camera,
then he used his.
2009-07-04 Jenny and Me

then went to the Left Field section to look for Stacey (and a
bathroom). Fortunately, the bathroom was right by Stacey’s seats! We
found them easily and hung out with them during batting practice. I was
quite surprised that the Padres were taking batting practice. Chris
Young came out to the bullpen to do a little exercise with who I would
assume was Darren Balsley. He had a towel in his hand and would wind up
and hit Balsley’s glove with it. The only reason I would think it
wasn’t Balsley is, he had Peavy’s glove on and I’m pretty sure Balsley
is a lefty. Maybe he had Peavy’s glove on because Young is a righty. I
don’t know. Anyway, a Padre fan asked him for an autograph and I
figured, hey, this is my chance to get an autograph from him too (even
though he’s not a Dodger). So, don’t shoot me, but I asked him for his
autograph. I am a Dodger fan first, but I still would like to collect
autographs from other players. And out of the Padres… there’s
probably only three maybe four players I would ask.
2009-07-04 Chris Young
practice ended and I was talking to Stacey when the usher came and
asked us to see our tickets. Stacey told them they had their tickets,
and I said I was just visiting with them. Before I left, we got a group
picture together.
Jenny and I went to our seats. We also had Stacey take our picture before we left.
2009-07-04 020.jpg
we got to our seats, there was already someone sitting in one of our
seats. It happened to be a young family of four. They didn’t mind
moving down one seat, since it meant they got to be right by the aisle.
Then next to them was a mother and two kids. They didn’t mind moving
down one either. However, the mother told us that if the person who had
the seat she was in showed up, that we would have to move. I guess she
didn’t get it that they already did show up because they took our seat
and everyone was just shifting down one. It worked out fine anyway. I
was relieved.

Onto the game … Wolfie started out great. It was
the third inning that was tough for him. And wouldn’t you know it …
Manny hit his first post-suspension home run in the first inning! I
didn’t have my camera ready because Jenny was trying to take a picture
of the two of us with my phone. The picture comes out funny because I’m
watching the game and not looking at the viewfinder. After our bullpen
came out, Jenny asked me about the safety and decision about having the
visiting bullpen on the field. She was like, what happens if the ball
comes that way? Couldn’t someone get hurt? She mentioned to guy who was
stampeded to death at Wal-Mart last year.
2009-07-04 474.jpg
were probably just as many Dodger fans out, if not more! This fan tore
his “Beat L.A.” towel so he only had the L.A. part and he was waving it
around. Another fan behind me kept yelling out “Last Place!” Ummm guess
he didn’t know that Arizona is in last right now. Or maybe he was
talking about last year. Who knows? But I figured, hey, if the Padre
fans are ignorant enough to let him keep yelling that, fine by me. I
won’t correct him.

Oh yeah, back to the game. Let’s just say it
wasn’t pretty. Sure, when Randy left the game in the seventh inning, he
had a one run lead. Belisario comes in … bye bye lead and hello
No-Decision-Number-Twelve. I don’t quite understand why Torre left him
in so long … but hey, he’s the manager. Two errors later, I was
starting to think we were at another Mets game. Three errors. Sigh.

we were leaving the stadium, a Padre fan got in my face and told me “Go
Home, L.A.” I didn’t say anything but I was thinking, of course I’m
going home. Where else would I go? Why would I stay in SD? Anyway, it
just irritated me that he got in my face. And he was hanging out with a
crowd of Dodger fans too. Go figure. We get to the car and I try
calling into Dodger talk. The phone just rang and rang. I tried several
times before I got through. By then, we were out of the city limits.
And then my call got dropped. So I called back and they put me back in
line. I forgot to mention the rude usher, but Cari called the next day
and gave them more details since they had to deal with him throughout
the whole game. Oh yeah, and halfway home, I almost got sideswiped! No
joke. I was driving along in the second or third lane, and this car
swerves in and out of my lane, almost hitting me! Either they had a
little too much to drink too early … or just bad driving. We stopped
in Buena Park to go to WalMart (Jenny’s idea) and we passed a
Fuddrucker’s and decided that’s where we wanted to have dinner. After
getting yelled at by a homeless person, we went to Fuddrucker’s and
found out they were closing in half an hour. So we went to a nearly
empty In and Out instead. Overall all, quite an interesting day.

Oh yeah, and I forgot. Not only did I have my Wolf hat and shirt … I painted my nails blue. On my left hand, my nails spelled R-A-N-D-Y. Then on my right, it spelled 21-W-O-L-F. My toes were blue too, but I just put a L on my left big toe and an A on my right big toe. I had some temporary Dodger tattoos that I put on my ankle. On my left, it was the LA logo. On my right, it was the Dodgers logo … but that came off when I put sunblock on 😦
2009-07-04 561.jpg
2009-07-04 560.jpg2009-07-04 565.jpg

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