I hate Macy’s signings

I knew about a month ago that Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp were going to be at the Macy’s in Northridge for an autograph signing. And from past experiences, I know you had to spend X amount of money in X department to get a Macy’s baseball signed. What I didn’t know was how strictly Macy’s enforced said rules. I showed up around 10:30 and Macy’s was packed. There were two lines, VIP (those who made a purchase) and those who didn’t. I was not going to make a purchase, but I didn’t really want an autograph Macy’s ball or picture. I didn’t want an autograph really. I just wanted a photo. I just wanted to see Andre Ethier and Clayton Kershaw. Oh yeah. They changed Matt Kemp out with Kershaw. And must have forgot to tell whoever was advertising the event because they had signs that still said Kemp. Long story short, they told us only one person can go up to the table at a time. That person must have the Macy’s ball and a receipt. No personal items allowed. You are given a big Macy’s bag to put all your personal items in so that when you approach the table, all your have is the ball. You want to know how strictly enforced this rule was? Not sure if this was the outcome of the rule … but as we were getting closer to the front, a little boy in tears was brought to the DJ table. Poor thing was probably between 6 and 8 years old. He got separated from his mother. I can totally see the Macy’s people separating a child from the parent because of the “one person only” rule. When it was Hannah’s turn to get her ball sign, I couldn’t even go up with her to take her picture. They practically pushed us out of the store. I didn’t get one picture of them. And so I was trying to meet up with Hannah again. There was a security guard yelling at people to move, that they were not allowed to stand in the walkway in front of Macy’s, the entrance to the mall. He was yelling practically every five minutes. This will probably be the last Macy’s event I will ever attend. And there was nothing announced at Dodger Stadium or on their website about the Macy’s rules about the signings. Poorly run in my opinion. But that’s because I’m still seeing red. I knew it was going to be a mad house because Andre Ethier was going to be there. But I didn’t care about seeing Andre as much as I wanted to see Clayton. There were a bunch of people who were disappointed that Matt Kemp wasn’t going to be there. One guy blamed last night’s loss on Kershaw. Three runs is nothing when our team averages 5 runs a game. Then again, that’s why it’s called an average. Because we can score 10 runs one day and zero the next. Kershaw didn’t single handedly blow last night’s game. He must have forgot the other eight players in the lineup who weren’t able to beat Cole Hamels. Then again, it was Cole Hamels.


  1. roberto6

    Hey Linda, this is Roberto…

    I guess I didn’t miss anything huh? lol

    Sorry to hear about your story. On to the next one!

  2. roberto6

    Hey Linda, this is Roberto…

    Sorry to hear about your story. I guess I didn’t miss much? lol On to the next one!

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