Okay, so I’m a little behind

I had intended on catching up on my posts yesterday night … but I went to the game! I have these games to recap on still:
May 23 – against the Angels
June 1 – against the DBacks
June 2 – against the DBacks
June 3 – against the DBacks

And the autograph signing still. I intended on catching up tomorrow … but JoAnna convinced me to go to the Andre Ehtier/Clayton Kershaw signing at the Macy’s in Northridge. I hate autograph signings at Macy’s. I called Macy’s yesterday because they announced the signings online and at the game, but didn’t mention any of the stipulations Macy’s always has. So I called. And got transferred about five times. Each time I got transferred, my greeting got longer. It started out as “Hi, I’m calling about the autograph signing that will be held there on Friday/ It’s with Andre Ethier and Clayton Kershaw/ they’re with the Dodgers” I put the / in there because each time I got transferred, I added that phrase. I finally got the answer I knew I was going to get. You have to have spent $75, bring your receipt, no personal items allowed. You get a cheap Macy’s ball that the autographs will fade quicker than Jason Schmidt’s career as a Dodger.

Oh yeah. And I just got an e-mail about the next Dodger’s Life road trip down to San Diego. The same trip I’m planning on making. Well, at this point, I might just go down for Saturday’s game. Here’s the link to the Dodger’s Life San Diego Road Trip. Too bad I don’t have any money for that kind of trip.

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