Cory Wade and Will Ohman

2009-05-23 Cory Wade
Cory Wade – “Oh, this is your sharpie”

2009-05-23 Will Ohman
Will Ohman – “I must have failed that class in school” about spelling Cat like the animal with a K. “Someone should start a Ohman’s Oh-mans” … I think he meant like ghosts

I had everything typed up. And my post wouldn’t save or post. So I lost it all. I’ve been up for a long time and on the go. It’s been a very long day. So I won’t even bother trying to retype everything tonight. The autograph post and game post will just have to wait a day or two


  1. sunshine43

    Thanks Jane! I used to post all my Dodger stuff on my other blog, but then Cat inspired me to start MLB blog. Funny because she says I inspired her to start hers.

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