Batting Practice Balls

1. (5-12-07) Dodgers vs. Reds. During batting practice, my friend Kevin and I were standing in the left field, by the foul pole and the baseline boxes. He wasn’t paying attention, but I noticed a ball was hit to Joe Beimel. I elbowed Kevin and told him to call Joe, which he did. Joe glanced at us as he bent down to get the ball. When he straightened back up, he tossed the ball to Kevin. I still claim that he got the ball because I told him to call Joe, or else he would have been oblivious to it.

2. (5-15-07) We were standing in fair territory of left field section during BP. A ball comes at us and I watch it as it hits the foul pole on the fair side. It hits a chair, rolls on the ground, hits Kevin on the back of his foot, and rolls under the seats. Kevin puts his glove on it and tries to get it. I try to get out from under his glove since he wasn’t moving it. Some old Chinese guy comes from the row behind us, reaches down, and snatches it out from under Kevin’s glove. To this day, I still tell Kevin that he should’ve gotten the glove out of the way so I couldn’t gotten the ball before the old man did.

3. (3-28-08) We were in the left field pavilion for the Red Sox/Dodgers exhibition game. Kevin and Sherisse were standing in the lower half of the bleachers. I was standing on the walkway chatting with someone and the usher. The Red Sox were taking BP. A ball comes flying out to the bleachers. No one else is running after it on the walkway except me. I know it’s going to be over my head, and I hope it bounces back towards me. As I’m reaching up for it, this older guy with glasses knocks me over for it! He was taller than I am, so he got to the ball during the bounce before I did. We both fell on the bleachers, and he kept the ball. I still get mad when I remember that. I went back to the people I was talking to. They all said that ball was mine and he came out of nowhere and knocked me out of the way. Even the usher agreed.

4. (6/5/08) The Cubs were taking BP and they hit a foul ball into the left field section. The ball bounced, hit my hand, and rolled into the row I was standing in. There was no one there to get in my way, and I finally GOT MY BALL!!! I brought my friend Maria to her first game and she teased me that I looked like I was going to cry.
I’ve had other close calls, but not close enough where I absolutely should have gotten the ball like the 3-28-08 game.

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