Seat hoppers

There have been some interesting cases of seat hopping the last two games. First, there was Monday night’s game. We were sitting in the field level section behind the dugout club that’s behind the dugout. It was the eleventh inning and these two guys hop the wall that separates the dugout club from the field level. It didn’t take them very long to be escorted out. One of the two guys hopped over the wall back to the field level, but the security escorted him out too.

Today, the usher is very vigilant about people sitting in his section that didn’t belong there. I think by the end of the night, he must’ve kicked out about half a dozen people from his section. Every time anyone sat in that row, he would come over and ask to see their ticket. Which I quite understand because they do that with the baseline seats. There was a family of four in the section next to me. They were sitting
in Row A, and the row in front of them was part of the baseline club.
Two of them arrived first and sat in the first row, which is the
baseline club. The usher came over and asked to see their ticket. He told them their seats was the row behind them and they had to move. He did this to several people. The rest of the family showed up. One of their little kids moved up to the seat in front of him. It didn’t take long for the usher to kick the little kid out.

What’s your view on seat hopping? Is there a line that should not be crossed?

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